Insightus EyeView allows the central management of all CCTV cameras within your network. Great for law enforcement, government, utility, power, telecoms or any organisation with significant remote assets.

EyeView sports a beautiful user interface via both web and mobile app delivery. Augmented Reality technologies within the mobile app allows a simple way to enable staff to easily locate the nearest, or a region of interest’s CCTVs.

EyeView allows live streaming of any cameras, via both web and mobile, within a highly secure architecture, as well as historical searches for past footage.

EyeView allows the usage of drones for real-time footage back-to-base.


  1. Central database, saving time and better visibility
  2. Increased safety
  3. Find cameras quickly via augmented reality
  4. Live streaming on web and mobile
  5. Use drones in the field to provide instant streaming to web and mobile
  6. Option for public cameras, and provide them a view of their assets
  7. Search, view and download historical video
  8. Integration ready
  9. Secure, highly scalable
  10. Can integrate to other systems as required
  11. Store incident data via geographical maps
  12. Future facial recognition, number plate and visual object recognition across camera network

Insightus EyeView

Insightus EyeView