Insightus provides both cloud and on-premises solutions for driving back-office productivity within government departments.

Our solutions include automated data integration and aggregation, and reporting across multiple legacy systems, resulting in significant productivity gains due to staff not having to leverage multiple systems.

Effectively an enterprise service bus (ESB), our solution allows the connectivity of most back-end systems to a common platform which can mix-and-match data as required via the usage of advanced graphical workflows. Data can be joined, or new or modified data sent to other systems based on data triggers, allowing a large degree of flexibility.

Once the data is joined, users can leverage Insightus Studio for Government, and use the what-you-see-is-what-you-get graphical report designer to build and publish as many reports as required. Reports can be easily cataloged into departments or individuals, allowing full-control over how and who can view reports.

Insightus solutions are available with fast deployment and low cost.