Insightus provides both cloud and on-premises solutions for driving engineering productivity within utility telecommunications networks. Spanning RAN, RF, NOC and Field domains, the Insightus on-demand (disconnected data) and enterprise connected (live data feeds) solutions provide significant and immediate gains.

Benefits include faster fault resolutions via automated engineering analysis processes, integrated data and cross-system automated reporting, resulting in higher quality and more reliable networks at lower cost.

Utilities can lower their engineering activities for the same or improved level of service, decrease unnecessary truck-roll costs and automate internal reporting.

Our on-demand solutions require no data feeds – simply purchase services required on-demand. These on-demand services allow the upload of key data, perform advanced algorithmic processing and provide results back instantly. All customers have the benefit of highly skilled engineering teams whom have created these services which solve industry key hurt-points.

Our enterprise solutions are based either via cloud or on-premises, and provide a continuous connected analysis of the network spanning various problem domains.

Insightus solutions are available with fast deployment and low cost.