Insightus announces the launch of the RF External Interference solution

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA – Insightus, a leading provider of telecommunication automation solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of the External Interference solution.

The Insightus External Interference solution provides world-first capabilities:

1. 24×7 live network-wide detection, analysis and root cause analysis of antenna faults and External Interference
2. Full tracking of historical External Interference issues including past traces, showing regions of probable interference
3. UAV and vehicle hardware with live video and FFT traces back-to-office
4. Artificial intelligence for automated signals classification – Insightus EI gets smarter the more it’s used
The Insightus External Interference solution drives significant automation, efficiency gains and customer experience for carriers and service providers. It consists of the following key components:

  • Cloud or on-premises 24×7 big data ingestion of live network data resulting in automated real-time analysis and fault diagnostics
  • Cloud-based interference platform to view past traces, network EI detections, and viewing of live in-field traces from UAV’s and vehicles
  • Advanced UAV, vehicle and hand-held hardware units

Craig Hill, CEO at Insightus commented: “Insightus works closely with telecom operators and service providers to improve the customer experience, via automating operational procedures to detect and analyze failures, and dramatically lower the time and cost of resolutions by up to 20%.”

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