Insightus Labs is our premier R&D and consulting division which performs the following functions:

1. Enterprise and On-Demand industry solutions. Continually operating across various industries, domains and problem areas, streamlining industry hurt-points, and mapping our automated technology solutions over-the-top. These solutions become available within our Enterprise and On-demand cloud portals.

Insightus Labs

2. Industry collaboration. Our personnel work closely to form partnerships with clients from all industries to collaborate on new solutions which are potentially useful to other clients. This enables clients to obtain real solutions to real problems, at significantly reduced upfront and ongoing cost, whilst leveraging our expertise and products for fast solution implementation.

3. Consulting services. Our personnel are available via consulting activities to provide solutions:

  • Process engineering
  • B2B data interchange design and partner negotiation
  • Data science, domain-expert rules and algorithm design
  • Big-data, analytics, report design and implementation
  • Training services

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