Insightus supplies engineering services to partner High Force for Vodafone Australia project – 2 year anniversary

Insightus, a leading provider of telecom automation solutions, partnered with HighForce, Australia to deliver the Vodafone Australia (VHA) RTWP project.  Initially starting with only 30 Queensland sites, by January 2016 we had delivered and rectified over 1500 sites nationally.

We started the project competing with all the major vendors, now we are currently the exclusive Vodafone Australia (VHA) vendor to fix all complex uplink noise RTWP/RSSI faults.  The RTWP project has covered all aspects of PIM, external interference, configuration, hardware failures and many other sometimes bizarre issues.

John Ross, Insightus Operations Director, says he is proud of the fact we are the sole suppliers to Vodafone Australia for their RTWP project.  Our highly skilled operations engineers, cloud automation solutions and hard work helped deliver this fault rectification project that everyone else found difficult.  The size, logistics and coverage of this project is enormous with our team consistently  delivering for the customer.

The key algorithms of complex fault-finding are now in-built into our flagship product, Antenna Management Service, allowing carriers and MSP’s globally access to real-time fault diagnosis without having specialized engineering teams on-premises.