Perform advanced root-cause analysis and diagnostics via best-practice temporal and spatial algorithms upon RAN-based alarm, performance and site data. Enabling very fast diagnosis of site issues, without project and RAN teams having to laboriously leverage multiple systems.

Through the usage of spatial awareness, common problems affecting nearby sites are automatically analyzed collectively rather than in isolation, providing instant insights for singular issues impacting multiple sites. Via the unique 3D representation of network assets with corresponding performance, alarm, probable causes, and user-filterable advanced reporting, Advanced RAN Analytics allows a significant degree of freedom for end-user self-service BI analytics.

Leading to significant efficiency gains for the carrier, and faster resolution of issues, both ensuring higher customer satisfaction.

  • Powerful near real-time root-cause analysis for singular and geographically clustered multiple-site related RAN faults.
  • Advanced 3D geographical views allowing seamless visibility of the network, sites, metrics and problems.
  • Advanced self-service business intelligence capabilities enabling end-users to create their own reports and “what-if” scenarios seamlessly, leveraging alarm, performance and site data.
  • Ability to host diagnosed alarms with in-built GUI, or redirect to existing alarm platforms
  • With Insightus Field Services, empower both engineer and field-staff via tablets with key performance, alarm and root-cause information, ensuring fastest possible resolution of faults.
  • Optional native integration into Insightus trouble ticket escalation services dramatically enhancing overall capabilities
  • Compatible with existing OSS platforms and systems