With the advent of increasing customer requirements of higher bandwidth, lower latency and better coverage, coupled with increasingly competitive landscapes, telecom networks have never been under more pressure to deliver to their customers. With ARPU in developed markets static or decreasing, and developing markets with strong competition, it is imperative to channel network spend in a focused and highly prioritized manner to achieve maximum network benefit.

Interference in a network can contribute up to a 9.1% reduction in coverage footprint within 3G and 4G networks, therefore it is imperative to resolve these issues prior to investing in potentially unnecessary new build-in greenfield infrastructure.

The Antenna Data Analysis Service is a site, cluster or network-wide on-demand analysis of interference problems within your network. With the ability to upload raw data, the service uses advanced RAN and discovery algorithms to provide key data and statistics on the health of the network. A low-cost service, available within the Insightus on-demand portal, allowing engineers to review their network instantly with no requirement for live data feeds.

This service is a recommended (although optional) pre-requisite to leveraging our real-time, connected data analysis, diagnosis and resolution service called Antenna Management Service (AMS). The AMS performs live analysis, leveraging configuration, alarm and performance data and is strongly recommended to detect and resolve early interference issues.