The Antenna Management Service (AMS) significantly improves the performance, reliability and management of BTS feeder systems, leading to better coverage, higher capacity, improved spectral efficiency and lower remediation costs.


  • Improve coverage pattern degradations due to interference by up to 9.1%
  • Significantly improve uplink noise issues both internally and externally
  • Enable engineering teams to focus on fault resolution, not diagnosis, due to automated troubleshooting
  • Minimise training and resources required for managing alarms and performance within network
  • Provide clear information for onsite rectification, reducing site mobilisation costs and field team revisits
  • Quicker resolution times for reducing customer impact


  • Monitors antenna and feeder alarms in real-time whilst automatically associating service impacting KPI’s and baseline configuration data. Triggers filtered AMS events that are easily managed using less resources
  • Key antenna feeder triggers (RTWP, RSSI, ICM, MIMO & VSWR) are managed cost effectively, efficiently and consistently to offer best practice operational methodology and fastest possible resolution times
  • Interference is automatically monitored and tracked using KPI and spatial analysis
  • Consistent processing of AMS-raised events across all equipment vendors. No need for dedicated resources within NOC’s or engineering teams that specialize in equipment types, resulting in reduced cost