Mobile telecommunications operators throughout the world are looking for cost effective solutions in managing and maintaining their network.  Critical to network performance is managing areas of poor coverage.

Predicted coverage maps are based on theoretical models, and not able to identify all aspects or conditions of a physical network.  Operators at-present rely on either customer complaints via their call centres, which is often too late to ensure customer happiness, or via expensive and dedicated drive trials.

Drive trials consume significant labour to drive routes, capture data and then post analyse to determine the recommended changes to the network.  Physically driving is time consuming and set to pre-set routes that are of interest at any point in time.

The analysis phase consists of reviewing the existing network, determining whether any abnormal network degradation has occurred, whether network changes were already underway, then if antenna or feeder problems are detected, performing the lengthy diagnosis leveraging multiple systems to resolve.

Insightus Blackspot Management Service helps manage the integrity of your valuable network assets, whilst minimising labour costs.

Enables the real-time monitoring of black-spots within your network:

  • Real-time data collection of mobile probes, collecting data such as signal strength, neighbor cell ID’s and associated strengths, location and radio quality. No need for expensive and limited drive-trials
  • Can be deployed on staff mobiles, running silently as a background service. Simple, low-cost and 24×7 mechanism to capture live data throughout your network
  • Determines mismatches between predicted coverage and measured coverage regions, generating events subject to configured rules
  • Direct comparison to cell-based switch STS statistics for easy comparison
  • Prioritize network quality issues that directly affects customers
  • Ignore areas of known change management regions
  • Simple escalation into trouble ticket systems