Insightus Change Management Compliance (CMC) service is one of many in a suite of services available to significantly improve the operational control of network commands into switches, whilst maintaining an automated and strictly enforced change management process.  Suitable for telecom carriers (mobile and fixed line) and all telecom networks within the utility and government domains.

A major problem facing many network operators is change control – understanding what changes have been made, by whom and when.  Many operators have since invested heavily in change management systems and aligned the processes of the business in an effort to reduce risk.  Some operators also invest in elaborate audit systems which can be reviewed “after-the-fact” when required.

Insightus CMC service implements an enforcement policy within your network, by ensuring that all internal staff, external contractors and partner organizations leverage the operator’s internal change management platform before they have access to enter commands into the exchange or switches.

This builds upon the network operator’s existing investments of both processes and systems for managing change, thereby allowing a simple enforcement policy to match approved change requests with permitted network actions.

  • Sits “on-top” of your existing investments in process and change management platforms
  • Ensures correct resources have write-access to network elements only during the approved change windows within your change platform
  • Integrates with key change management platforms including Remedy
  • Block all write-commands, or subsets of commands
  • Protect elements from both mobile and fixed carriers, as well as network equipment
  • Caters for overlapping change requests for resources, ensuring no loss of access if required
  • Simple-to-use user interface for custom configuration