Document Management Service (DMS) enables the professional management of documents and digital files from one central location using any desktop or mobile device.

DMS can be integrated into existing systems to streamline document processes for collaboration, access, reporting, workflow and version control. All documents and digital files enable easy referencing to business processes, tasks, contracts, procedures, facilities, personnel or project information.


  • Fully integrated into other Insightus systems for seamless operability
  • Receive and track forms and documents
  • Forms can be designed in minutes via drag and drop
  • Custom document workflows and approval processes
  • Email a form to be filled out, collaborated or reviewed
  • Upload and view any file types like MS Office, video, MP3, multiple image formats, PDF and more
  • Supports version control processes and access permissions
  • Manage and track contracts and business agreements
  • Allocate documents to site locations, projects, safety and regulatory requirements
  • Custom reports of document status and approval based on document types
  • Mobile device support
  • Documents can be sent via DocuSign ® for signature. The signed documents will be stored in contact record.
  • Integrates with Microsoft Office and other business applications