Insightus iStudio is a premium data integration service that combines custom integration, correlation, process automation and advanced reporting of disparate data across multiple sources of information using intuitive graphical workflows.

iStudio is available both within the Insightus cloud services portal, and within on-premises deployments. This powerful platform allows the rapid implementation of work processes from proprietary or standard data sources, including the gathering of data from 3rd party equipment such as barcode scanners and IOT sensors. Once on-boarded, in-depth analysis and advanced graphical reporting is available for authoring, publication and consumption.


  • Real-time data discovery, reporting, correlation, analytics
  • Simple and immediate access to critical indicators at all levels – in real-time
  • Pre-emptive automated analysis of costly faults
  • Pre-emptive automated analysis of process improvements
  • Automatically find and report discrepancies between systems
  • Build customized reports from one or multiple systems, and optionally have emailed or published online
  • Reports consumed on desktop or mobile
  • Connect B2B with partners
  • Automatically sync data between systems
  • Combine data from multiple systems and take various actions
  • Extract data from 3rd party equipment including barcode scanners, sensors, custom equipment and report in real-time either to desktop and mobile devices