The Data Integration Service leverages Insightus Studio which allows the integration and interconnection of multiple disparate systems together natively via the usage of intuitive, graphical workflows.  Consume data from several source systems, correlate, derive, synchronise and push data back to other systems easily.

Combined with our Data Analytics Service, allows the custom building of advanced reports, including tabular data, charts and optionally advanced filtering and other rules.

Both the Data Integration Service and Data Analytics Service resides within the Insightus cloud portal, or can be hosted on-premises.  This powerful platform is suitable to quickly implement work processes, gather data from 3rd party equipment such as barcode scanners and sensors, and provide in-depth and advanced reporting to both desktop and mobile devices in real-time.

  • Connect multiple systems internally
  • Connect b2b with partners
  • Automatically sync data between systems
  • Automatically find discrepancies between systems
  • Combine data from multiple systems and take various actions
  • Extract data from 3rd party equipment including barcode scanners, sensors (70+ available), custom equipment and report in real-time either to desktop and mobile devices.