Insightus has significant experience in RF Engineering services. Many of these services involve the monitoring and identifying of faults and issues within existing networks. Using a combination of statistics, correlational events, terrain and local information coupled with our advanced cloud solutions, faults can be quickly identified and resolved.

Services include:

  • Fast fault identification based on alarms and network statistics
  • Diagnosis of fault and rectification analysis
  • Optimisation of existing network cell parameters
  • Optimisation of neighbour plan and parameters
  • Optimisation of physical site parameters (pans, tilts)
  • Recommendations of capacity and/or coverage improvements (additional technologies/sectors/licences/greenfield sites)
  • Parameter consistency checks

RF optimisation plays a pivotal role in providing network reliability. Frequent or unaddressed network outages or faults can cost a carrier dearly in reputational damage and customer churn. Additionally, poorly optimised networks can cost a carrier directly in unnecessary greenfield site builds or technology upgrades.

Insightus engineers have years of experience working directly in managed services and are well experienced to delivering effective network optimisation.