Fibre Network Design (FTTN/FTTP)

Our fibre network design services are offered using a mix of different technologies depending on the customer, location and infrastructure.

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Whether it’s FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) or FTTN (Fibre to the Node), these network topologies are delivered by Insightus’s highly skilled design workforce.

We provide end-to-end Design solution, which includes optimising the new network while maximising the use of existing network. When combined, client receives highest quality product using the most cost effective methods.

Our key drivers in the design of Fibre Networks are:

  • Safe and environmentally responsible design
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Meeting capability and longevity objectives
  • Efficient utilisation of existing infrastructure
  • Efficiency in the design process
  • Application of design rules in a consistent manner
  • Allocation for future capacity within the network
  • Configuration of the network to achieve efficient operation and maintenance

Design Components

Insightus has the knowledge and experience to provide the following design components:

  • Field inspection reports
  • Detailed design documents
  • Bill of Materials/quantities
  • Civil Works Plans
  • Cable hauling and splice plans
  • Fibre splice tables/schematics
  • Local and Distribution design