Try 2 watermarked jobs for free

Easily manage line-of-sight processes centrally

B-end candidate filtering

Midpoint capability for long-hops

UAV control and capture of remote B-ends

Augmented reality mobile app to easily find remote sites

Fresnel zone terrain calculations

Images stamped with bearing, height, site ID, site name, fresnel and location


Automatically transfer results to the cloud for easy viewing

Real-time reception and sorting of in-field photos

Reporting and team collaboration


US $100/month per library

Up to 4 Jobs/month per library

All the benefits of Trial, plus

Access to photos of saved jobs

Retention of all jobs


Unlimited Job

All the benefits of PAYG, plus

Unlimited jobs

Unlimited employee users

Integration to Insightus SiteView, allowing full visibility of your site, including 3D reality modelling, Artificial intelligence, 360 photos, streaming and more

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