RF Inteference Cloud

Improve 4G and 5G RF spectral efficiency, allowing better coverage, higher capacity and more customers at less cost

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RF Interference Cloud

  • Recording of historical interference for repeat issues, saving time and resource
  • Saving of FFT traces and other key metadata
  • Centralised cloud-based service bringing together team collaboration and auto-update alerts
  • Easy access for field and engineering teams
  • Reduced reporting costs with in-built dashboards

Digitize and Automation Cloud

When combined with our Digitize and Automation Cloud, the benefits significantly increase:

  • Automatically monitor hardware, BTS configuration data, KPI’s and alarms to reduce uplink noise and antenna performance issues
  • Auto-correlation of common, intermittent, temporal and spatial information to identify service impacting RAN, edge, air interface and hardware issues
  • Business intelligence capabilities enabling custom reports and alert triggers

Test Case (Pre-Analysis) - Determine Region of Probable El

Show captured interference that was detected within Automation Cloud. Note the arrow derived and overlaid to help field teams locate external El

  • Intelligent data analysis algorithm identified probable interference in network
  • Provide visual overview of network configuration and geo location, including historical location and cause of External Interference
  • Provide graphical location of detected External Interference for field survey
Enables operators to identify External Interference type and location with low touch and low skill-skill operation -- saving time and money

Raptor External Interference Capture

When combined with our Raptor EI Capture hardware, the benefits significantly increase:

  • Using a UAV hardware payload, automatically capture FFT traces to pin-point the likely location of EI
  • Real-time stream FFT back-to-office for live engineering support
  • Removal of the usage of EWP’s -> significantly saving time and cost

Solution Benefits

All solutions combined to provide an end-to-end comprehensive and best-practice methodology of performing advanced EI resolution:

Process Standard RF Cloud, Digitize/Automate and Raptor UAV
  • Highly-skilled field engineering required
  • Process generally performed manually
  • Manually process to detect and identify
  • No ability to proactively identify
  • Delays in reporting (lag-indicators) and typically not integrated
  • Extensive in-built domain-knowledge (algorithms acting in real-time) Real-time detection and event notification
  • Autonomous UAV payload solutions dramatically increase the chances of finding EI source
  • Continuos improvement - AI and update to algorithms
  • Equipment Vendor Agnostic: Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia etc
  • EI can be misinterpreted and/or mistakenly diagnosed (incorrect remedy)
  • Requires high level of subject matter expertise
  • Historical analysis/data is rarely utilized and/or performed
  • Intelligent automatic real-time analysis
  • Process include correlation and spatial analysis, removing laborious effort and requirement specific expertise.
  • Trace information is stored for past area analysis of EI sources
  • Equipment Vendor Agnostic: Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia etc
  • Mobilization and high-end equipment required
  • Limited access to historic investigations
  • Limited ability to collabrotate across field and central team - identify and find EI source
  • Autonomus UAV hardware solutions (patent-pending) dramaticallly reduces multiple site mobilizations, whilst minimizing escalation to engineering teams
  • Field teams can use mobile to review historical spectrum and predicted EI source location
  • Ability to post-review `live-stream` trace information
  • Limited ability to provice trace files to central office and engineering teams
  • Limited dashboards, reports and live feed information
  • Automatic information capture and reporting
  • Direct interaction, collaboration and correlation of information between field and engineering teams
  • Use of structured data for building and presenting reports and dashboards, via the web or mobile devices