Data Marketplace

Buy and sell shared asset data. Dramatically lower costs, and significantly faster than performing physical field mobilizations.

Detailed photo views

Zoom in to each section of your asset for a more detailed view.

3D Asset Visualization

See three dimensional visualizations of your assets. Showing all the detail, from any angle, as if you were right there.

Outward photo views

A collection of photos showing the outward direction from your asset. Ideal for clutter view visualizations, and seeing nearby assets or obstructions.

CAD Modelling

CAD drawings of all your assets. Be able to see detailed super-accurate information relating to each piece of equipment.

Panorama 360° photos

Visualize a complete 360° rotation inside and around your assets.

Interior mapping

Be able to see what the interior of assets look like just by clicking on each room in the floor/site plan.

Live CCTV video streaming

Stream live footage 24x7 from your CCTV network from cameras on-site.

Cellular network coverage collection and viewing

Collect coverage data for your cellular network and be able to view it in reference to signal strengths received.

Live alarm and performance KPI integration

Easily integrate your existing platforms to receive alarm and performance events.

Data Analytics

  • See real-time insights into your data, providing a wealth of information at your fingertips
  • Automatically detect hard-to-find faults, providing actionable intelligence to engineers
  • Aggregate data from multiple disparate systems, adding significant value by automating manual processes

Use Cases

  • Detect technical problems, and determine their resolution via ingesting real-time KPI performance, alarm and configuration data
  • Leveraging security alarm data, correlate data from multiple sources to remove false positives
  • Ingest IOT sensor data to take actions according to specific rules or tolerances

Services - Virtual Line of Sight

Site View contains automated services operating on-top of the data.

Perform a virtual line of sight to remove all site mobilization costs.

High resolution photos with augmented reality technologies showing calculated B-ends.

Mobile app

Full mobile app for field technicians, allowing real-time 3D models, photos, clutter, CAD, CCTV streaming, 360° views, live alarm and performance KPI data, and advanced analytics.

Collect cellular signal strength data and share with others..

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Shared Datasets check check check
Exclusive Datasets clear check check
Live alarm and performance KPI integration clear clear check
Data Analytics clear clear check
LOS, spectral surveys integration clear clear check
CCTV integration clear clear check
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