UAV Drone Services

Insightus provides Australian national coverage for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) professional services.

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With the usage of our globally unique hardware payloads and software solutions (most are patent pending), we provide advanced services which other UAV providers simply cannot do. Many of our own custom payload solutions will be only found through Insightus, allowing Insightus significant advantages over other UAV services and solutions companies.

Our solutions assist our customers by reducing cost, improving resolution times and improving the safety of employees.

We welcome international UAV operators to partner with us, to provide our advanced solutions into your markets. Contact us for details.

Our services apply to an ever growing group of industries including telecommunications, photography, utilities, government, emergency services, construction and mining.

The benefits across all industries include:

  • Safety – Reduces the amount of times workers are exposed to unnecessary risk climbing structures
  • Speed – Perform inspections faster and more often
  • Cost – No need to pay for Elevated Work Platforms(EWP) and specialized climbing teams and equipment
  • Productivity – Easily deployable, more accurate results and more jobs completed
  • Accuracy – Using high resolution imaging and RF equipment combined with specialized software to process data

Telecom And Utility

Companies can save time and significant operational costs when inspecting communication towers and power poles with UAV’s. It is vital to provide uninterrupted service and power to your customers. Insightus can significantly improve your operations, reducing cost and improving safety.


  • Line of Sight (LOS) surveys for transmission, leveraging Insightus custom hardware and software solution
  • RF External Interference detection, leveraging Insightus custom hardware and software solution
  • Structure upgrade, design, as- built and maintenance inspections, including 3D modelling and asset management
  • Thermal imagery Inspections


Maintenance is such an important part of infrastructure management. Today most of that work is performed manually, which is a slow and costly process. This also leads to poor quality results, and in most cases, requires rope access, scaffolding and elevated work platforms.


  • Structure routine maintenance inspections
  • Building physical, environmental and energy efficiency inspections
  • Weather event insurance analysis
  • Pipeline and pumping equipment inspections
  • Dam wall inspections
  • Wind turbine inspections
  • Lighting pole maintenance inspections
  • Power line and HV tower inspections
  • Road and bridge inspections


Insightus offers customers a complete and effective solution for digitizing and optimizing operations for a construction site. Our flights can capture high-quality aerial data, analyze it and create a detailed 3D survey of the site.


  • Project construction time-lapse photography of construction projects to increase productivity
  • Detect breaklines and check embankment slopes
  • Check stockpile volumes of building supplies
  • Compare plans to as-built


Insightus has the ability to scan large mining sites daily, providing immediate and exact production progress. This provides an in-depth knowledge of projects, increasing productivity and improving safety.


  • Track production progress over large sites
  • Monitor environment
  • Site safety assessments
  • Stockpile measurements