Wideband and MTx Design

Our Wideband and MTx team is responsible for planning, engaging and to manage consistent network design end-to-end.

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Key skills and experience include:

  • Appraise, Design & As-Built for internal & external designs
  • Carrying out end to end design for Customer Wideband products
  • Designing passive and active Access networks including wideband and optic fibre
  • Accurately maintaining Telstra Data Base of Records (DboRs)
  • Planning & network designing within a telecommunications environment
  • Wideband Customer products such as: (Ethernet, IP, ISDN, ETSI, Frame Relay, Leased Line Circuits, Digital Data Networks, ATM etc.)
  • Essential technologies: Cramer, Drake, APEC, Trac, MITS, MMAN, GDD, DES, CMART & LAAN etc.
  • Prophet and Rods for MTx Mobiles Design
  • Working with telecommunication providers and / or vendors
  • Producing high level design documentation
  • Ensure that the KPI’s meet contractual deadlines to ensure delivery of correct solutions in accordance to customer’s requirements
  • Closely liaise with installers, subcontractors by negotiating and providing alternatives during the process of construction