Digitize And Automation Cloud

Drive efficiencies with real-time analysis of complex big-data and automated workflows
  • Imagine being able to ingest your biggest data in your organization, such as network performance KPI’s, call data records (CDR’s) or alarm events, and integrate custom workflows to significantly automate repetitive or manual functions that can easily ingest many terabytes of data per day and process it in real-time.
  • We can derive new insights from the data with formulas, spatial aggregation and time aggregation for metric rollups. You can now process data real-time to indicate network, configuration and performance issues without waiting for disconnected legacy systems or manual processes to calculate.
  • Additionally, imagine being able to automatically integrate into your existing line-of-business platforms. This drives a myriad of automated scenarios enabling significant efficiencies.

Solution Benefits

  • Ingest terabytes of data daily, calculating new KPI’s or metrics in real-time
  • Integrate into 3rd party line-of-business solutions
  • Enable cross-platform reporting
  • Mobile application to gather data, and disseminate live alarm and performance data
  • Cloud solution with on-premises data connectors
  • Streamline Operational infrastructure and resources to manage your network cost effectively with better operational outcomes
  • Combine with Digital Twin infrastructure and asset data to drive better asset management outcomes