Engineering Build Pack Management System Module

  • RF Design and Inventory visualisation platform for RF design & Inventory management
  • The platform is fully integrated with the Insightus HOP management system providing a true, verified accurate representation of what equipment is installed at site, allowing true automation of inspections.
  • We believe strongly that this is a critical element of data capture automation in any digital twin ambition for Optus
  • Key features include
  • Creates a true digitised representation of the site via Input data feeds from OSS Automatically draws site connection diagrams for both active and passive equipment Generates comprehensive Network and Site Inventory Reports Interactive site visualisation that can be used for design or overlaying alarms, performance, configuration data or photos Integrated with the Insightus HOP and external systems to automatically manage complete end to end network integrity

Solution Benefits

  • Single source of truth vendor agnostic platform taking data feeds from any OSS, regulatory or existing databases
  • Reduced truck rolls, time at site including remote support costs for deployment and operational activities providing interactive visualisation of site design, inventory, configuration data, alarms and performance data
  • Remote RAN Inventory auditing by processing and visualizing configuration data with real-time discovery of site issues helping maintain the Digital Twin of the asset
  • Reduced cost of inventory management through improved tracking and analytics
  • Integrates into the Insightus HOP application by mapping photos, surveys and video of the physical equipment offering added automation for quality audits
  • Reduced cost of engineering planning & design by digitising site data and inventory for both passive and active equipment
  • Integrate with broader automation initiatives, including logistics inventory site auditing automation and site management systems
  • Reduced engineering cost of managing site databases with full integration of OSS platforms and other 3rd party systems